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2016 Dan Gradings

Tom Burrill             Nidan
Richard Harrison   Shodan
Matthew Prest       Shodan
Zaid Karwat           Shodan

2014 Gradings

2nd Dan Ste Bird
1st Dan: Peter Chappell, Zak Woodman, Russell Palmer, Zak Karwat & Edward John

3rd kyu Matthew Prest & Zaid Karwat
4th kyu Eve Chappell
5th kyu high Spencer Bush
5th kyu James Mosby & Fergus Latta
6th kyu high Eleanor McGregor
6th kyu Alexander McGregor & Robin Saxby
7th kyu high Logan Figg

2013 Gradings

1st Kyu Peter Chappell, Zak Woodman & Russell Palmer
4th Kyu Matthew Prest & Zaid Karwat
5th Kyu high Eve Chappell
5th kyu Spencer Bush & Zoe Flintoft
6th Kyu high James Mosby & Fergus Latta
6th Kyu Eleanor McGregor
7th Kyu high Robin Saxby & Alexander McGregor
7th Kyu Logan Figg

2012 Gradings
Congratulations to:
1st Dan: Richard Fryer & Tom Burrill
1st Kyu: Zak Karwat & Edward John.   2nd Kyu: Peter Chappell, Zak Woodman, Russell Palmer & Richard Harrison.  4th Kyu: Thomas Percival
5th Kyu: Ben Gregory.  6th Kyu: Zoe Flintoft, Zaid Karwat, Eve Chappell & Matthew Prest.  7th Kyu: Spencer Bush, James Mosby & Fergus Latta
8th Kyu: Tom Nattrass & Robin Saxby  

 2011 Gradings

8th Kyu: Eve Chappell.   7th Kyu: Zaid Karwat; Matthew Prest & Sam Ambler
7th Kyu high: Oliver Ambler & Will Sewart. 6th Kyu: Brandon Short. 
6th Kyu high: Helena John.  5th Kyu: Thomas Percival; Lander Latta & Ben Gregory.   3rd Kyu: Peter Chappell & Zak Woodman.  2nd Kyu: Zak Karwat & Edward John.  1st Kyu high: Richard Fryer


Congratulations to Leigh Simons who graded to Shodan on 31st July during the visit by Shihan Gwynne Jones. 

Congratulations to Sensei Nigel Spencer was also awarded his 4th Dan on 31st July. 

Ste Bird achieved his Shodan at the Shin-Gi-Tai Easter School in Burry Port.  He demonstrated techniques, Tai Gi, and Randori over the two days of the Easter weekend.  Congratulations from all at the club.  it's good to see you tripping up over your Hakama.

2008 Dan Gradings

Tom Chappell & Sarah Macleod - Shodan (1st Dan)

At the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society Easter School Sarah MacLeod and Tom Chappell achieved their 1st Dan black belts.  They had to demonstarte to Shihan Gwynne Jones a number of weapons and individual techniques as well as 2 person attack form kneeling posture and 3 person attack from standing (Freestyle).  Congratulations to both for showing excellent Aikido spirit and technique in an outsanding grading.  




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