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What's new for 2017

Look out for Beginners Course starting soon

Dan Grading held on Sunday 11th June 2017 at the Chantry Hall, Bedale.  Well done to Ste Bird for achieving his 3rd Dan and Russ Palmer for reaching his 2nd Dan.  Both showed some cracking techniques and we had some unique instruction.   Well done to Ste and Russ and to everyone that took part on the day.  

What happened in 2016

On 27th Novemeber we held a dan Grading.   All those grading did an excellent job at demonstrating techniques and free style.  Congratulations to:
Tom Burrill 2nd dan
Richard Harrison 1st Dan
Matthew Prest 1st Dan
Zaid Karwat 1st Dan
Charlie Kitching also graded to Yellow high
Thank you also to the Ukes on the day

There is a change to the Child Protection Officer.  It is now Nigel Spencer (Telephone 01226 734159 email
nglspenncer@aol.com) whilst Marsha Figg-Collier spends a year in Spain. Everyone at the club wishes Marsha, Andrew and their family the best of luck with their adventure in Spain.

The first grading was on Monday 11th April 2016

What's new for 2014?

Successful Demo at the Bedale Festival on 7th June.  Thank you to all that took part.  The rain didn't dampen the techniques or enthusiasm, well done.

Mizu Aikido moves to the Independant Martial Arts Sports Association (IMASA). 
After much deliberation by the Club Instructors it was decided to move the club to the IMASA

Dan Grading 7th September 2014

Shodan is the first of the black belt grades and implies that an individual has committed considerable time and effort to learning their chosen Martial Art.  The grading lasted 5 hours and demanded technical knowledge, stamina, mental aptitude and spirit.  Each candidate was asked to teach the class a number of techniques and then had to demonstrate their knowledge of the syllabus.

Junior Dan Grades


Peter Chappell and Zak Woodman both started their Aikido journey in 2008.  At 14 years old they have both completed a 6 year apprenticeship to achieve black belt.    


 Peter showed exceptional posture and Zak’s flare for instructing is a promise for future Coach once he reaches 18.  Both demonstrated effective techniques and tenacity. Peter was exceptional in 3 man Randori and Zak’s Jiju waza (freestyle) being a real pleasure to watch.

Senior Dan Grades

Zak Karwat started his Aikido in 2006 and Edward John in 2008 both began as juniors and then transferred to the adult class.  This involves added dedication as the junior class excludes some techniques meaning they have to go back through the sylabus to learn again.  Both delivered a first class grading and show the ability to progress further in this martial art.  Russell Palmer has taken four and a half years to achieve 1st Dan, the strength and precision of his techniques are outstanding and he presented an interesting 15 minutes starting with a break falling session for the class.

Ste Bird completed his Shodan (1st degree Black belt) in 2010 at the Shin-Gi-Tai Easter event.  Since then he has dedicated his time to teaching others at Bedale.  Ste was asked to take the class for 30 minutes during the morning session.  His teaching is relaxed and informative with clear explanation of the requirement to get the best from the technique practiced.  During the grading the strength of his technique and posture are excellent with his jiju waza looking awesome.    

Congratulations to all that graded and finally a big thank you to those that acted as Ukes and to the family and friends that attended to support them on the day. 


What happened in 2012?

Congratulations to Tom Burrill who achieved his Shodan at the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society Summer School.  An excellent grading, well done Tom.

Congratulations to Richard Fryer who after 6 years training completed his Shodan grading.  Richard was assessed for a full day by 4 Dan grades.  It ended with a 30 minute demonstration by Richard to a group of Family and friends.  Richard's grading techniques were executed well with an excellent 4 man randori to finish the session.  Well done and enjoy the pleasure of tripping on your Hakama.

In 2011 we celebrated 10 years in Bedale.  An adult class started in the Chantry Hall in May 2001.  With the junior class starting in September of the same year.  

11th June - Demo at Bedale Festival

2nd July - Demo at Bedale Primary School


On the 31st July 2010 Shihan Gwynne Jones kindly held a training session at Bedale.  Shihan Jon Stokoe also instructed during the morning session. 

Congratulations to Nigel Spencer who was awarded his 4th Dan and Leigh Simons who achieved his 1st Dan on 31st July 2010

Well done to Ste Bird who completed his 1st Dan grading at the Shin-Gi-Tai 2010 Easter School.


August 2009 - Oldham Course

Sensei Jim Robinson again hosted Shihan Gwynne Jones at the Oldham Dojo.  Four club members managed to get there this year and all of us enjoyed every minute.  With some interesting twists and turns and food for thought for all present.  There was also a impressive demonstration of Jo and Bokken katas.  The final point was Sensei Robinson being award his 6th Dan. 

Shin-Gi-Tai Summer School 2008

This 2008 Summer School was another cracking event with Aikidoka from all over the country attending.  Sensei Jones was again thought provoking as was Sensei Simon Puffet from New Zealand with his focus on Hip power.

Only three Adults: Ste, Marsah & Nigel from Mizu Aikido managed the trip this year but Marsha did bring two aspiring Aikidoka, Logan aged 3 and Kendra aged 9 weeks.  A little young to start but both managed to get onto the Mat!

Thanks to all in Wales for making it an enjoyable two and a half days.  

Easter School 2008

Easter School had a certain signfiicance this year as I had 2 Students attempting their first dan gradings (Black Belt). I have had senior students grade at Dan level before, but never taken junior students to Dan grade.

On the Saturday there was a 1st Dan grading for David from Swansea, who showed determination and spirit following a set back last year. Congratulations. 

The final session on Sunday was the 1st Dan grading. Tom Chappell (15) and Sarah MacLeod (16) have been training with me for 6 years and their dedication paid off when they showed excellent posture, balance and technique with weapons, basic technique and randori (freestyle) from kneeling and standing. Sensei Jones awarded both their 1st Dan at the end of the day.

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the weekend

Nigel Spencer


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